Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My head is just spinning these last 24 hours. I found out last evening that I've made on to Round 3 of "Project Fashionista". Just above, I've linked to the mini book that I submitted in answer to "create a project telling us why you want to be a Fashionista".

What in the heck is a Fashionista you might ask. That's okay. I know not that many people read this blog on a regular basis, but if you did, you'd know. But just to refresh, you might know that I hang out extensively at my favorite scrapping website, SIStv. While it is a website for scrapbookers, it features the "theme" of fashion. Hence, the design team for this website, those talented and personable people who are the creative and mentoring guru's, are called "Fashionistas". So fun. Every week, one of their responsibilities is to choose - from the 100's of posts to the website gallery, a "cream of the crop" selection. A special gallery is set up to display these weekly picks - it's called the 'catwalk". (See the theme, here?) I have been SO honored to be chosen for the catwalk about 4 times.

Now, as mentioned in my last post, a call has gone out to those members of the site interested in becoming Fashionistas. As is normal in the scrapbooking website/design team world, the time has come to change up the team. I'm sure there were about 2000 or so submissions (which was basically just saying that you wanted to go for it and linking up some layouts from your portfolio). Out of those submissions, about 100 were chosen to go on to "Round 2". I was one of those chosen. We were all given the above-mentioned assignment and, as mentioned, that is a link to my Round 2 submission, above.

The fabulous news is that out of those 100 submissions, about 40 were chosen to move on to the next Round - AND I WAS ONE OF THEM! I'm beyond thrilled. Nervous, even. I know that we are not being judged JUST on our scrapping "talent". (Thank heavens.) I'm an okay scrapper, but there are some trying for this that are just UBER-talents. Artists in the truest sense. I can't begin to compete with that. But, what I DO have going for me is that I totally love and believe in the site, what it stands for, its vision, etc. I am very present on the site and have been since it's inception. And - possibly my strongest point - I stand pretty much alone in my age range.

So, as I said. I found this news out last night. The reality of it sobering (not that I wasn't sober, but, you know...) and even a little scary. What if I can't deliver? But then again, I am SO up to the task of pushing and challenging myself. And, after all, this is an extremely loving and positive community. So, I'll keep you posted. I don't know what's next, but I'm sure we'll find out soon!

Woo hoooooo! :)


Debs said...

Gorgeous!! :)

Anonymous said...

Great news! Congratulations!!!!