Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow and ice. Ice and snow. And that's how it goes. We were so happy to get rid of the skating rink that was our driveway last week. And then we got this Sunday a.m. Yesterday morning when I got up, it was about -2 degrees. Today we're in the beginning stages of yet another storm that is supposed to add another 3-6 inches, but then it's supposed to dump freezing rain on top of it all. Too bad. That just ruins it.... Oh, well. That IS winter and it just makes spring ALL the sweeter! (Yes, I said that mainly for the benefit of you Rimrockers!) :)

The hot tub is still out of commission. I'm so sad about that. That IS one of the lovely benefits of having all this cold crappy weather. The "ahhhhh" factor of stepping into the hot tub is definitely at it's height in these conditions. Crap.

I'm presently working on my Round 3 project for the SIStv design team application process. This time we are to create a project that could be used on a webisode. One of the fun things about SIStv (and, hence, the "tv") is that there are weekly (or so) webisodes that feature either an interview with a scrapping superstar, or projects with instructions or just other fun stuff. So we are to create a project with instructions that could (and may) potentially end up as a webisode.

I'm so in love with my project I can't stand it. It's actually a little project that I've had sitting on my shelf for a long time and I'm so happy to be able to finally get to it. I had fun yesterday taking photos of the process as I was going along. Those photos, along with a great shot of the final product, is what will be emailed for my submission. And that's due this coming Sunday. So, if I would get off the computer, I could get in there and finish up! :) And, of course, I'll post photos on here after the deadline...

Okay, and check this out! Yes! The track lighting is 99% finished. Apparently Chris needs to replace one light, but other than snapping the new one in, this project is DONE! There's a track like that on all three of the beams that sort of make a "U" over the whole couch. And they're on sliders, so you can control the amount of light. Yay! I can't tell you how great it is to sit on the couch and be able to see to read from any point! As much as I love this couch, this has been the one downfall - the inability to put good lighting where you need it... Chris says he's done doing projects now. Pft! Right!

I'm off to GET BUSY! :)

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