Wednesday, February 27, 2008

See that girl right there? She is one happy girl! Her dreams are coming true! Because here's the deal... She has just accomplished one of the most desired goals of a die-hard scrap artist. And that is to be part of the design team for a scrapbooking website or manufacturer. In this case, I'm talking about my beloved ScrapInStyleTV, a community that I've been a part of practically since the day of it's inception. If you haven't guessed already - that girl is ME! Yes, ME! Woooo hoooo! I am one of 18 women chosen. Two of those women will be in a community leadership position more than a design team position. Twelve women will be part of the "regular" I guess you could say (and that is not a diminuative term by any means) design team and four of us - myself included - will be the first digi/hybrid design team. Digi/hybrid is a combination of digital and paper scrapbooking. I'm sure many examples will be posted on my blog in the months to come! :) I think it's awesome that this will be "my" area because I really do love digital scrapping and hybrid scrapping is kind of the up-and-coming trend right now. I love that I'm getting in on the ground floor of it at SIStv. And I love that this was an area in which I hoped to stretch and grow this year.

It's been a process of about 6 weeks or so. And the announcement was made official today, though I've known since Sunday night. I found out when I got online, appropriately enough, right after the Oscars. Because I sure do feel like I've won an Oscar! I do want to clarify that while I do think my scrapping skillz are fairly mad, I know I'm not the most talented scrapper on the website. I do feel that a good part of the reason I was chosen was because of my consistent presence on the site and the volume of my communications with others on the site. (And maybe, it's kinda cool to have an "old head" on the team - something that is rare in the industry. I think it's cool, anyway and am happy to represent!)

By the way, on this particular website, we are called "Fashionistas", so when you hear that term, I'm referring to the design team. So I'm ready to put on my seat belt and buckle up for a challenging, scary, fabulous, fun ride! Wooooo HOOOO!


Chad & Katie said...

Jan - this is awesome!!! Very cool. I haven't played around much o SIS, but maybe I'll have to start!
Katie (from the 365 challenge site)

Rhi said...

<3's my fellow f-girl!

scrapcat said...

congrats jan!!!
i'm so happy to be on this journey with you.

Cara said...

you're beautiful!
love this picture, jan.


Gigi said...

hurrah for jan!!!!!!!
so so happy for you & as i've told you well deserved!

welcome!!! welcome to the team!!!