Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I've been getting TONS of email wondering where in the heck I've been since I haven't posted anything new lately. Okay, one email. But it was a very IMPORTANT email. So, rest assured all my peeps and fans. I'm back. And, yes, I have a new scrap page for you. But, I want to warn you that THIS time it does NOT feature my son and his lovely new wife. I know. I know. It's disappointing, but keep in mind - we DO know OTHER people, too. And a few of them are featured on this next layout. It's a little piece I did called CRAZY Dancin' and it features some of our wild and crazy friends at our most recent annual Dancin' on the Deck party. It mainly focuses on ONE wild and crazy guy in particular. Yeah, you'll see what I mean... Oh, and, for some reason unknown to me, I can't upload this layout, but you can see it via this widget thingy from SIStv which is why it actually says SIStv in the top corner. If you run your cursor over that layout, magic stuff happens! :) You can go to SIStv land where ALL my layouts and MORE are stored!

Anyhoo, as the layout journaling says - we have a wild and crazy time, but it's good, CLEAN fun! I don't know what got into my friend there in the 2nd photo. Actually, that was a photo of him and myself, but I cropped myself out. Chris was taking a lovely photo of me dancing and our friend, (let's just call him "Chip" - because that's his name) decided to "flash" Chris at the same time. Obviously, the better half of the photo is the part I posted!

That's all for now. Gotta save SOME news for next time.... Peace out.

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The other Mrs. Barlow said...

This one's really nice and fun and all, but I sure do miss those pages
of you're son and his lovely new wife!!!!!