Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I just did this digi layout for an online site that was having a little contest and, more importantly, because I highly doubt I'd ever win the contest, because they were giving away a really cute little digi kit to everyone who participates. Scrap for free stuff? Heck, yeah!

Well, it's very un-fall-like around here. It's actually been hot and fairly humid around here. So, I'm keeping the house shut up so it stays cooler. I think it's just put a slamming halt to the trees turning colors, too.

Which brings me to the next sad subject. Chris and I are heading up to Cedar Run tomorrow for our annual 3 day, 2 night getaway and it looks like there's a good chance for rain the whole time, especially the last day, which is the day we tend to drive around or hike, etc., because we want to stay in the area so we can go to Oktoberfest at the Blackwell Hotel for dinner Friday evening. There have been several times where all my fall photos taken on this trip have been in the drizzle up on the mountain on Friday. This time it may be more than a drizzle.

The good news is that I am prepared! I downloaded our second computer copy of PSE 5.0 onto Chris's laptop and I'm going to put some of my fave fall digi files on my external drive and I can literally sit there and scrap. All I'll need is photos! And Chris has a bunch on his computer even if I can't take any good ones up there... Now THAT excites me. Because, the only downside of being up there with a computer is that I'm sure there will be no internet connection. And, okay, I admit it, I've become just a tad "addicted" to being online. Well, there's so much to do and my SIS site is just like a little community to me. And who the heck talks to me here in this house, anyway, if you know what I mean...

Well, speaking of scrapping, as I so often am, I'm off to begin getting our Christmas album from last Christmas finished. The photos are all printed out and ready for me....

Tomorrow morning I'm packing and off to Octoberland!

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