Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

I love a new year. And I love having my computer upstairs in the living room on my desk! It's a change that happened relatively quickly, thanks to Christmas money!

A few weeks ago I told Chris I hated going into our computer room downstairs to work because it was always a mess (out of my comfort zone) and I hated being in a place with no windows and no knowledge of what was going on out in the real world. So we discussed the option of him getting a laptop for downstairs and moving our existing computer up to my desk.

And - voila - there it is! I'm lovin' it. Loving to look out the window, loving that the bathroom and snacks are only a few steps away. And loving that I can hear the sounds of the chimes gently awakened by the wind. It will no longer be such a pain to come home from work and do banking, etc. I can turn on the stereo and work in a lovely, neat space - my OWN! (Did I mention I'm only steps away from my scraproom as well?)

Chris benefits from this change as well because he can now make that dungeon, er, I mean, lower level computing space, into HIS own. He can set up his office down there however he wants. I only need to keep a file cabinet in there, but all the rest is up to his imagination. Ok - NO smoking of any kind down there unless he can feed a pipeline directly from his office to the outside and blow directly into it. (Knowing him, that will be his next project!) :)

My desire to re-organize the whole house is very strong right now. So the question is - scrap or organize. Wow, I HATE these tough choices! So much to think about in the new year...

That makes me HAPPY!

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