Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I am brave.

Yep. I am. Even if my husband's comment when he saw the finished page (after giving artistic praise) was, "but honey, you're such a sis!". Okay, maybe I am - physically.

But I meant emotionally, spiritually brave.

I've been lovin' this song (Brave) by Nichole Nordeman, so when I saw the weekly dare suggesting a page all about positive self-talk (i.e. saying something good about yourself), the message of the song is what I thought of. Some of the words (the typed ones) are on my page. (Note: there is blog - I'm new to it - that posts weekly "dares" (i.e. page ideas) for scrapbookers - it's called "The Dares" - and the ideas are usually quite introspective, thought provoking, which I love.)

The dare and the song inspired me to think about how I was brave when I was a little girl that shouldn't be needing to be so brave. Fears prevailed, but God drew me to Him and poured out His love on me. He made me brave enough to quit hiding and to face my fears. I'm brave today as I still face temptations to continue to build emotional walls. Love and trust, they're risky, ya know? Nope. I'm not perfect at it. But I KNOW I am loved and that kind of love continues to take me beyond my fears. My faith will not be shattered.

Because I am brave.
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Beth said...

I hope "the dares" are a competition because you would win. Love to see your work.