Saturday, July 08, 2006

Oh, yeah, we are back in hot tub business, baby!

Well, hey, I've been without it for well over two months and I've been in withdrawal. The pumps have been down and there's been some warranty disputing - whether or not we get reimbursed remains to be seen. BUT - at least I can think about it whilst IN the tub. (Actually, that's the LAST thing I'll be thinking about in the tub!)

My favorite hot tub time is first thing in the morning - straight out of bed and into the tub. Preferably a sunny, cold morning when I can hear the birdies singing and the breeze (if any) whispering through the trees as the warm water happily gurgles me awake. That's what I did this morning - well, okay, it wasn't cold, but all the rest was perfect. And, since it was only cool and not cold, I could enjoy my first cup of coffee out there, too. (Can't do that when it's cold out - your body stays warm, but the coffee, not having the benefit of being surrounded by 100-plus degree water, doesn't.)

My other favorite time (I can have two, can't I?) is on a frigid, clear night when the stars are amazing. The tub sits on our deck, which is attached to the house, which is secluded in the woods - so we have a beautiful, private and unobstructed view of the sky. Since there aren't any nature sounds worth hearing at that time, we like to pipe music, such a lovely celtic airs, to the outdoor speakers and just let all our senses (except taste, of course) be pleasantly assaulted. What could be better?

Ahhhhh, yes........this tub is the best money we've ever spent. I'm so glad to have it back!
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