Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In sweet memory of
Richard Thomas Bower
1-26-76 - 2-14-09

We weren't ready to let him go. It's so hard to find the words to express my feelings after this tragic loss. We've grown up with Richard and our families have meshed into one over the years. So it is no small thing to now have this gaping, raw hole ripped into the tapestry that was our happy, blessed lives. Richard. Such a sweet soul. Like a teddy bear poured into a grizzly adams suit. With a definite thread of mischievousness running through him for sure, at the same time, you couldn't find a more gentle, humble soul. He will be so greatly missed.


Traci Keriazakos said...

I am sorry Jan. I'll be thinking of you and your family!

staceyfike said...

i'm so sorry jan, i've been thinking about you. xoxo

Sharmaine said...

Hugs Jan, thinking of you and his family. He sounds like a wonderful Man.