Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My latest digi. I wanted to use the newest ad challenge template by Katie Pertiet from this great web site. I decided to stick yet another picture of M&M in there... I'm going to be doing some more winter photos that I haven't scrapped yet. There's another one of them I want to scrap - so brace yourselves! :)

Well, today I did my absolutely LAST bit of Christmas shopping. You know how you just have odds and ends, seemingly forever... SO. I'm DONE! Now I must finish up a few little projects (for which I did the shopping). I can do that tomorrow.

We had a really fun little program at church last night. A Christmas "extravaganza". Well, I don't know if you could quite call it that, but those teens ROCKED it. There is some amazing talent amongst them. And one of them was ill and she just bit it and truly did a fantastic job. You would have never known she was ill if you didn't already know - which I did... I sang my "classic" Mary, Did You Know. I was going to have Matt accompany me on the guitar, but he didn't make it (which I was prepared for). But Emily played the piano whilst I played the guitar and it turned out well. Surprisingly well, actually. Because when I first started practicing it a couple weeks ago, my voice was NOT up to par. I was beginning to think my solo days were over. (Now, I'm not talking GREAT here - just my norm...) But it's amazing what you can do if you just practice!

A horrible thing happened on the way to church though. I wanted to get there at 6 p.m. (a half hour early) and we left a tad late as it was. It had been raining and freezing, so stuff was icy. I wasn't sure about the road, though, so I was being cautious anyway. And a dog - like a chocolate lab type - ran right in front of me. I hit the brakes as much as I dared not knowing if the road was slick or not. But, dangit. I hit that dog. Sigh. It was a horrible thud and I was just sick. Chris jumped out and went looking for it and a neighbor even came out, too. They spent about 10-15 minutes and couldn't find anything but it's choke collar. The neighbor said they weren't familiar with that dog at all. It was very hard to get my composure back and then I ended up getting to church with about 5 minutes to get set up and all. No practicing. Afterwards a couple people that I told about it totally made me feel better by telling me about the dogs they'd hit and the dogs they had that had been hit - without ever hurthing them! I was really surprised by that. But I did feel a little better. Because I know I didn't kill it instantly or anything. Ugh. I hope it's okay...

Well, after finishing up my projects tomorrow, there's a few household things to do and a few Christmas events to attend and then my attention will be turned to getting things packed for our trip to AZ. In fact, we've already begun getting a few things around. I'm going to clear the dining room table and continute along that vein and even start putting a few clothes/outfits together. Just so I don't have to think about it at the last minute...

So off to bed with me to dream about Christmas present!

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