Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I started my online PSE digi scrapping class yesterday. Here's what I made:

That's Martha's mom, Katy, on the page there. I love that photo of her, looking so pensive. (If you click on the photo of the page, you'll get it bigger and can then read the journaling.) Anyway, the class was awesome. I only dropped in the photo and added a few other elements.The page was pretty much already set up. (Doesn't Katy's outfit match perfectly?) :)

I've always been one to "trial and error" my way through software. I actually find that I learn a lot that way. Reading manuals is something I only rarely do - and then, only as a last resort. But Photoshop Elements has really been a challenge. You can't just figure stuff out, you really kind of have to know what you're doing. Yeah, I've gotten some manuals for PSE, but, as I said!

So it was great to find this class. It's very straightforward and full of little extra tips. Of course, you can use PSE for enhancing and editing photos, but since this class is given by a scrapbooker - a digital scrapbooker - it was right up my alley! I've done a wee tad of digi scrapping already, but I want to learn how to do the stuff necessary to produce some of the blow-you-away digi-scrapped pages I've seen. Stuff that just can't be done with paper scrapping.

The class is four weeks, so there will be much more to learn. And then a more in-depth class will be available after that...

I'm off to work on a page for my "mom's album" (inspiring pages I'm sending to my mom on a regular basis that she can then add to an album I've already given her...) I have a doctor's appointment (nothing special) this afternoon, at which time I'll mail all the layouts I've finished for the SIS Circle Journal I'm in. Can't wait to get all the pages for my own book back in the mail!


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Joy said...

Oh! How cool, I should take a digi class!