Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dustin babysat little Eva yesterday. (Dustin is dating a friends' daughter, who has a 3 year old - and we have known and loved them both from the time they were babies!) I do believe this was the first time Dustin was in charge of little Eva by himself for the whole day. I think it's really good experience for him since he's serious about this relationship. And I didn't want to "bail" him (not that he wanted us to, either), by taking over myself. So I just did my thing yesterday while he did his. Of course, Eva would come running in for hugs and cuddles from time to time and to see what Chris or I were doing or to show us something. But, other than that, it was ALL Dustin. And I have to say, he did just a marvelous job. I didn't detect even an iota of impatience or weariness. We decided to eat dinner out with (other) friends at one of our favorite little trashy restaurants (in a great country location), so before we left I thought perhaps I ought to impart just a little motherly wisdom by suggesting that Dustin change her and perhaps feed her a little something so she wouldn't be starving and cranky when we got there. Well, the boy had already done both things! *sigh* I'm so proud!

As it turns out, Eva fell asleep in the car and was cranky when we arrived anyway. But Dustin pretty much held her the whole time - when Chris wasn't taking her for a walk. She did great. Here's a pic of her enjoying her fries:

And, to change the subject completely, here's the latest layout I did.
The photo is from a couple falls ago when we were biking with the Delaney's (the very friends we ate dinner with last night). The layout is definitely not my normal style, but I wanted to play with the papers and play I did. It's wild, but it was fun! And that's part of the fun of scrapbooking; experimenting with your style and going out of your comfort zone from time to time to try new artistic avenues!

Well, after a week of absence, the sun is back out today. No more damp, dreary, CHILLY weather. In fact, there's a heat advisory out today - it's 90-something and VERY humid. Ugh. I hate this kind of weather more than any. And we were supposed to try out the new canoe on the river today. Sitting out in the sun, amplified by the reflection of the water, and to be working (as in rowing) does NOT appeal to me right now. Dustin and Chris and Gary can go, but I'm going to hunker down in my relatively cool house and do other things today... I mean, there's even a heat advisory out. I have validation. I can't breathe in this weather. Did I mention the heat advisory?

That's all my whining for now. I'm off to do some inside "work". :)

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