Monday, March 12, 2007

We're expecting!

New furniture, that is!

We began the search for new living room furniture and we were having trouble finding something that a) we liked, b) was the right color and c) we could actually sit on (to test out) in the store. But today we fell in love with this new baby! We knew we wanted a sectional, and we would have preferred it to be a little more "red" or I guess it would actually be called "burgundy", but this set is "black cherry" and since we didn't have to order it to be made and then fret over the arrival time (since we were literally on the brink of un-deliverability by June 8th) and also since we could actually sit on the piece instead of ordering something from a catalogue, we compromised on the color.

But not on the style, baby! We love this one. Love the sleekness and how it's tailored, low-backed and doesn't have all that pouffy stuff on the arms. We are also adding 2 seats to the side without the chaise and then, the whole thing will actually be flipped around in our room from what the picture shows.

And then, if the sectional wasn't cool enough, we found this awesome ottoman - elsewhere in the store - I mean, they're aren't part of a set or even by the same company, but the color and style match is spectacular. AND the thing opens up in the middle so you can store stuff in there... I love how you can put your feet on there, but can also slap a tray on there and still use it as a coffee table...

And then, it's going to be held in the warehouse until the middle of May, so it can be pretty brand spankin' new on wedding day. Oh, did I mention that this is part of the "house-fixup-for-the-wedding" project? Yep, the wedding is our excuse to fix/replace every crappy thing in our house. Well, on the first floor, anyway, which is all most people would see.

So, we came home very happy today and are excited to welcome our new addition home in May.

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Martha said...

Very nice!
We won't even know were at your house when we get there.
Now dustin will have to get married so you can redecorate again!