Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The question has been asked: What in my scraproom makes me happy?

I love it when I go into my scrap room the next day after completing a layout and see it sitting there on my desk. The more time that has elapsed since I've worked on it, the more I see it with a new perspective, a new freshness - like it's all new to me. It gives me great joy to see something not only completed, but that I created!

And, yeah, I love all my stuff, but I love the process more - handling everything, doing all the little creative steps to get to the end result. Even the perhaps mundane tasks are fun because while I'm working/creating, I'm thinking about the person(s) the project is for or about, or I'm reliving the circumstance I'm scrapping.

To come in the next day and see it all anew is sooooo satisfying - and fulfilling. It makes me
h a p p y !


Anonymous said...

Jill said...Love your post! I agree...the process is a big part of "happy"!

LeAnn said...

I love coming in the next day and seeing my completed page as well!