Saturday, May 27, 2006

Here are a couple of cards I've made recently. The top one is a combo Easter, birthday and engagement card. (Nothing like killing three birds with one stone! - and, yes, there was a gift included!)

The second card uses the new QK alphabet I purchased from e-bay - an early birthday present. It's called "sunshine" (the little sun die cuts come with it, too, as well as some other very cute dies to make flowers with). I love this set! It's so whimsical.

I have this thing about alphabets. I have a zillion in my collection - in all different formats: stickers, die cuts, stamps, rub-ons. And lately, I've been getting into hand-lettering as well. All this is part of what makes scrapbooking and card making so fun - I get to PLAY with all my toys. I can never have enough alphabets (the same goes for paper, of course and these cards are both using some new paper I got).

If this all sounds very superficial to you, I would like to add that a great part of the enjoyment in making cards is thinking about the recipient of the card and the occasion that prompted it. I'm not making that up just to justify my obsession, either!

All this talk about playing makes me want to go do just that. And I have half a day still before me. So, off I go - to CREATE!
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