Friday, October 24, 2008

My Senseo machine broke yesterday. This, of course prompted an immediate trip to Target for replacement.

Yes, I know we recently purchased this little lovely:

And it's a fine machine, it really is. But a coffee machine can only produce coffee that's as good as the coffee you put IN it - if you know what I mean. Yeah. So Chris has a tendency to buy the cheapest crap (oh! did I say "crap"? I meant "coffee", I really did...) and he makes it a leeeetle too strong for me. Sooooo.

Years ago, I purchased my Senseo. I only drink exactly two cups (mug-sized cups, admitedly) of coffee in the morning, anyway, and this way I could also treat myself to the occasional (okay, one a day) flavored coffee which I do highly enjoy. And, dang, those pods of coffee just taste REAL good. I use a variety of pods, but favor Melitta with the occasional Wolfgang Puck pod thrown in. Can we say "yum"?

So, when the machine finally gave up the ghost yesterday, Martha (who also appreciates the podded cuppa) and I looked at each and simultaneously shouted, "Starbucks!". Oh, sweeeeet. Yes, it is a sweet, sweet thing that our brand new Targhay also houses the beloved Starbucks - and all only 12.3 minutes away...

We felt it only our duty to try and be thrifty by checking out the pod machines at our also new and conveniently-located-just-3-stores-down-the-row-from-the-"T" Bed, Bath and Beyond. It's only right. Alas, they did NOT carry the Senseo, but I did manage to find a few things to throw in my cart while there. Believe me, I practiced GREAT restraint!

At Target, I found that the Senseo was not even on the shelf anymore (*gasp*)! But, thank all that is holy, there was ONE last machine left boxed up. I happily grabbed it and tossed it in my cart while simultaneously enjoying my Caramel Macchiato (venti, mind you). What a lovely experience.

Martha - who was supposed to be buying tube socks for Matthew - found this absolutely adorable little goodie:

Is that not to die for? And look at that little tail...oh my goodness! *swoon*

So, yes, I was supposed to be doing my banking yesterday- usually at least a very full morning and part of the afternoon is involved in order to do both our own and the church's bill paying, balancing and record keeping. By the time we got home from our happy chore, the morning was almost over - and so was my mojo. I pushed myself to at least get our banking done. And I just finished the church banking a few minutes ago.

I think I need another cup of coffee...

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