Friday, October 17, 2008

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Just sitting here killing some time at the lovely Cedar Run Inn. We're all checked out, we've made our deposit for next year and we're just waiting until it's ice cream o'clock when we'll meander across the street to the Cedar Run General Store for lunch (i.e. waffle cone). It's pretty chilly today. We have a short hike planned for this afternoon and a short bike ride. If it's too chilly for the bike ride, I may persuade Chris into a little shopping in Wellsboro. I AM on vacation, ya know! We can't be having TOO much exercise!

One of the things I love about here is that even though there's no TV or phones in the rooms, there IS wireless, so we can bring the laptop and get on the internet. Yesterday, I spent some time cleaning - files, that is. And then I scrapped that page up there. Another plus for digi scrapping - you only need 4 supplies: computer, photos, digi elements and a photo editing program. Sweet.

Tomorrow, we're heading up to State College to try and get tickets for the PSU vs. Michigan game. Ohhhh, I LOVE going to the games. They are SO much fun - even if you don't like football. I don't care about ANY sports at all - EXCEPT PSU football. Chris (and his whole family) gradutated from PSU and, after we were married and he finished his last year there, I worked on campus. I was the secretary for the fraternities and sororities. I worked in a one-person (moi) office and the presidents of each of the frats and sororities would bring in projects and I kept all their records. Pretty FUN, let me tell ya. And I was only a few years older than all of them! Chris and I got invited to a lot of frat parties. (But not so much the sorority parties, for some odd reason...) Well, that was back in the day.... ANYway - consequently, we are both HUGE football fans. And this is a GREAT year for the team. We're currently undefeated for the season.

So, while Chris and I have been away for, lo, these 3 days, M&M have FINALLY been enjoying some alone time at the house. I feel bad for them. It's really hard to live with someone else and not have your own place. (Been there, done that - even with people I LOVED...) They are SO ready to move out and get their new life in PA started. They both have jobs now, so the housing pursuit is in full motion. But not having your own place still feels like limbo. So, anyway, I'm glad that they've at least had a little privacy for a few days. I wouldn't be surprised if they've found a place to live by the time we get back. DANG, I'm gonna miss Martha's cooking, though. Okay, them too, but the cooking. Oh, the cooking. (Drat! That means I'm gonna have to start back up my own self, soon. I'm SO over cooking...)

I'm off to get a little reading/crossword time in before we head out. Hard life, I know.
Happy weekend!

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