Thursday, May 17, 2007

I got to spend time with my siblings over the Mother's Day weekend. We met in Madison so that we could take a photo for my mom for Mother's Day, but also for her 80th birthday, which was the day after Mother's Day. We had a blast together, as we always do. The time always goes too fast.

I spent the day with Mom on her birthday and then flew back home to PA on Tuesday. Having left my house for this trip on Friday - the day after my last day of work - I can now say that Wednesday - yesterday - was officially "the first day of the rest of my life". It was so nice to sleep in and stay home. Truly. Dustin was still here and he polished the (barenaked) living room floor and cleaned off the front porch while Chris did reviews and I did the church banking. Then Dustin and I went and I got my first load of flowers. I'm going to get some planted today. Our new couch and ottoman is coming today, too. And somewhere in there, I'm going to go get groceries. Chris will bring home more flowers at lunchtime and there will be more planting on Friday. I'm getting a little panicked about getting these flowers into the ground. They need some time to spread a bit before the wedding.

The leaves are fully out now and what a difference this makes. Without much landscaping at all, it's just naturally beautiful here in the woods. I love it. So peaceful...

The day awaits and I must get crackin'!

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