Monday, May 28, 2007

Getting ready... Matthew sent us a little preview of his wedding attire. Now Chris and Dustin need to go and get theirs. I think that will happen tomorrow evening. I picked up an outfit at the Dress Barn when I went to Madison. Click here and "turn" the page with your mouse to page 6 - it's the outfit on the left.

Tomorrow I'll be working on the guest book and Chris and Dustin will (hopefully) finish up the few remaining projects around the house. The place is looking pretty good. There's still some furniture to arrive (again, hopefully) this week. And little odds and ends. But, I think we're pretty good to go.

I went to my 20th "Ladies LYFE" conference this weekend. It was a celebration of their 25th anniversary doing the conference. The speakers were great and the group of ladies I went with were great. We had a fun time. I have to say, I was really tired. Can't seem to get enough sleep these days (so why, I might ask myself, am I writing this at 1:44 a.m.). Well, I'm sleeping at the wrong times, maybe. I did have a big nap this afternoon. I just think I'm a little consumed with the whole wedding thing. Though I totally am looking forward to it, it's going to be wonderful!

Okay, I'm off to bed!

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