Monday, August 31, 2009

I just want to share a couple new layouts. The first one was a sketch challenge by my totally lovable FGirl friend Angie at SIStv. She gave us the basic sketch design and then added five things we needed to include on the layout. Here's the thread with her challenge. And here's the layout I made:

In addition to the basic design, we were to have a stamped image (I stamped the script words onto the yellow circle), the word "live", the color yellow somewhere, a monochromatic patterend paper (see the dots on the yellow circle?) and a flower somewhere.

I totally love a challenge like that because it gives you the parameters of a layout, narrowing the gazillion of possibilities available to you. For me, this is good. Scrapbooking - especially in my very well-stocked scrap room - is like going into a retaurant that has an extensive menu. I find that overwhelming sometimes because it's really hard to choose what to have. So, with a sketch and defined elements, it really helps me to focus rather than to slip into a mindless, glazed-over stupor, just staring at my desk with drool dripping out my mouth. Know what I mean? :)

And here's my latest digi for One Little Word's 59th prompt: beauty.

I love to use a play on words for my titles. The page credits can be found here. If you click on the image (as always) you can read the journaling a little better.

In other news, Matthew and Martha went camping - finally (and maybe for the last time this summer!) - yesterday. We drove down and sat around the campfire at their very scenic campsite overlooking Lake Jean at Rickett's Glen State Park. We doggie-sat Taco, so they came back today to pick him up. They had picked a ton of wild blueberries, so I whipped up a "Huckleberry" Buckle, as Chris's mom used to call it. YUM! Chris made Shrimp fraDiavolo for supper. It was a great meal. And there was, of course, a game of spades afterwards. Dang, it was close, but they beat us. That's three times in the last couple months. Maybe they're finally figuring out how to play this game! ;P

Tina and I have a lunch date tomorrow. We're going up to Eagle's Mere (to the Sweet Shoppe) and will do a little shopping and maybe even hiking. I'm hoping for a few photo-ops, too.

It sure feels like fall out. It's going to get into the upper 70's this week (they say), but the nighttime temps are chilly! It was in the upper 40's this a.m. when I got up! Yowser. I'm just so not ready for that yet. I guess it's because summer really only just got going. On the other hand, it will make walking outside so much easier when it's not as warm. (And the lower humidity makes the body aches subside, too.) We do have a trip to Martha's Vineyard coming up at the end of the week, though, so I really do hope the warm weather makes at least a temporary return appearance.

With that, I'm off to bed. The chilly temps do make for cozy sleeping!


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Donna said...

Jan.....I love where you live and I don't even know where you live. But you make is sound soooo wonderful. We live on a mountain outside of Chattanooga and we have had some great temps here as well. Have had the windows open all day....all week. We don't have a lake up here but the Tennessee River is close by as well as a few lakes within driving distance. Aren't we so blessed? Family, grandchildren and God's beautiful scenery!

P.S. I have made it a goal to get back to least a couple of times a week.

P.S.S. I read Kayla Aimee and Wilna's blogs frequently. I just love Kayla Aimme!