Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm getting ready to head back to Madison today to visit my mom with her newly and badly broken leg. Her first dr.'s appt. after her surgery will be Friday, so I'll be glad to be able to go to that with her.

Just thought I'd post of few of the projects I've been working on lately. As a member of the DT at SIStv, and specializing in digi/hybrid, I get their "Style Phyle" collections as well as the coordinating digi collection for the month. This month's SP is "Jim and Pam" with an office theme featuring these fun goodies. The digi coordinate, File 13 by Audrey Neal, should be available in the boutique later this week. (I was able to get Audrey's collection ahead of the release). So hybrid - or, as we like to call it at SIStv, "smashup", is the blending of digi and paper scrapping.

Here's a few hybrid projects I've completed lately with the products mentioned above:

The lined paper was printed on the computer and the whole little banner thingy was made on the computer and then printed out and attached to the twine. I'll actually be doing my next tutorial on how to make those banners.

I love how this little book turned out! All the background papers were printed on the computer and then cut out and adhered to chipboard. And I also printed out some labels, tickets and transparent items - all from the File 13 collection. The rest of the labels and stickers and rubber bands and other fun goodies are from the Jim and Pam collection.

This is just a little notebook I purchased at Borders and covered with another line available at SIStv called "The Sophisticate". Gorgeous stuff. I printed the "L" backwards on the back of a piece of patterened paper and then cut it out and adhered it to chipboard, to pop it off the page a little. And I cut out one of the flowers from a different sheet of paper from the line and popped that off the page a little, too. Love how it turned out.

As always, you can get a larger picture if you click your mouse on the photo itself.

Well, thanks for lookin' at all my goodies. I've got to go finish packing now!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good grief! I just noticed how long it's been since I posted on this blog! I have been one busy gal! Even though I had a great trip to my mom's, there's always so much catching up to do after being away for a week.

AND, I had my very first tutorial due at SIStv when I got back. So I had to get that together. Here's a link to the tutorial. I love the little project that I made and I thought the "tut" turned out well - for my first time ever! ;)

While at mom's I began my 3rd digi scrapping class here. Oh, wow, these classes are FANtastic! They are really challenging, full of new information and techniques. I love that I'll have access to the classes forever, because I will definitely need to do them a few times. There were 4 classes this time and this week was the final one. It's been difficult squeezing them in to everything else going on in my life right now. But SO worth it! Here are the fruits of my labors, in order of completion: (btw, these pages are designed by Jessica Sprague, not myself. If only! But, I DID put them together! And I'd like to give credit to the following people for their digital elements within each layout: JSprague, MWise, JWilson, KPertiet, LindaGB, LGrieveson, NRJanitz, MTerasawa, AAspnes, LSanford and ARockwell.)

(Just click on the layout photo and the whole thing will get nice and big....)

Yep, that's a lot of work. And SO fun!

So - the downside to life right now is that fact that just a week after we were at my mom's, she feel and broke the bejeebers out of her femur - the biggest bone she could break. And she didn't break it just once. She has what is called an "accordian" fracture. Meaning, picture the folds of an accordian - and that's what she did down almost the whole length of her thigh. This meant a 5+ hour surgery for repairs and now about 3 months of utter immobility of the leg in order for the fractures to mend. THEN, after that has healed sufficiently, only then will she begin rehab and trying to walk again. It breaks my heart, truly. I just don't know how much more crap she can take. But take it, she does. And she's had an amazingly good attitude. God love her...

So, in light of that, I've decided to go back out for a week. My dear brothers and sister have rallied around as well, for which I am (and SHE is) SO grateful. This will mean the world to her. I'm heading back next week (solo) and so am now madly working on my next tutorial (and all the projects that go with it) and am trying to get some other projects done, because I AM supposed to be regularly uploading stuff to the website! :) (It's dreadful work, but SOMEbody has to do it!) :) Nope, I'm NOT tired of scrapbooking yet. In fact, I'm SO stoked - I only wish there were more hours in the day!

Having said that, I promised my "boss" lady that I would actually READ the new design team manual that she took the time to put together and send everyone! :) I'm off!