Thursday, May 22, 2008

Here's one of my latest digi creations (completely using Audrey Neal's "Birdbrain" collection designed exclusively for SIStv). I love the look on Eva's face. It is one of utter contentment. After Dustin and Emily marry in August, Dustin will be adopting Eva. He has proven to be a truly wonderful daddy to her and she adores him. This just melts my heart because a wonderful daddy is something every little (and big) girl needs... And, of course, if you can read between the lines, then you'll realize that little Eva will also become our sorta "legal", if not blood, granddaughter. Oh. The JOY. I've been telling people that if I could pick from all the little girls in the whole wide world one to be my granddaughter, Eva would be the ONE! :) And I'm not taking that privilege away from anyone - all children should have two sets of grandparents and thus far, she has only had one. A fantabulous one set, but only one. :)

Today I head out of town for my annual Ladies LYFE conference. This will be my 21st time to attend. It's a great time of fun girl-talk and getting to know each other, the food is good, it's a beautiful campus and the workshops are usually good and thought-provoking. But my favorite thing is the "LYFE" hours - two on Friday and two on Saturday. There's usually a chosen keynote speaker for the year who brings excellent bible teaching and application. And there's wonderful singing of choruses together - always beautiful. And there's always some gorgeous special music performed. And there always fun and laughter. It's a great time and I look forward to it every year.

I'm off to pack and get ready and maybe even squeeze in some scrapping time...

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