Saturday, June 09, 2007


...Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Barlow!

Our long-planned-for day has finally come - and gone. And what a fantastic day it was! We were concerned about rain, but instead we had extreme heat. A fair trade because all the fairy maids and the fairy queen, Miss Martha, got to walk out of the woods as planned. It was truly magical. The rain did come later, but only after we were already under the tent eating and listening to the band and then it brought a very relieving cool-down. Everyone had a great time, the vows were beautiful and, well, now we are just enjoying the aftermath of food and visitors and memories of the day. And some napping. I quit taking photos shortly after the one above because I figured everyone else was taking them, including the professional photographer, and so I knew I'd be getting those. Can't wait to see all the photos and to preserve all the memories (i.e. scrap 'em)!

What will we do now????

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