Monday, April 09, 2007

Warning! Winter is holding spring hostage! No seriously - wait I AM serious! We decided to spend our Easter Sunday afternoon (Chris, Dustin and I) driving up to the Pine Creek area, just because we love it up there and also in hopes of spying the eagle we know is nesting in one certain area. It was freaking COLD! Geesh! I mean, it was 30-something and windy - just raw!

But it's always beautiful up there and see the eagle we did:

This was taken with my optical zoom - to the max. I think the photo turned out fairly well, considering. And it was nice of the eagle to be sitting out on an open branch like that. We couldn't tell if there were any young in the nest and we only saw just this one. We did see another one in a different location a little later. He/she was flying and getting hassled by a hawk. Maybe out hunting or even trying to dissuade the hawk from getting near the nest. Who knows? But it was - as always - such a treat to see them.

We also saw this little guy - a SURE sign of spring:

We cruised on over to Blackwell (our beloved summer cabin rental location) and then on up to Morris where we had supper. I just had a burger, but, wow, it was DEElicious!

We did manage to have a great day together, even if Dustin did keep saying he wished it was summer. Not me! I don't want to miss spring - whenever it finally gets here!

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